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2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2015

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1994, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013

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1993, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2012

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“It takes a Village”

Bison Training Staff

Our trainers are well-qualified and have all the mandated and up-to-date certification to perform first aid, emergency first aid and athletic bracing and taping. Many Bison trainers come from various medical backgrounds such as nursing and EMT and we are privileged to have the support of our own team doctor, Dr. James Adams whose specialize interest is in sports medicine.

Our trainers require stringent certification. All are well-versed in sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Trainers have the last say on an injured player and exercise this authority at their discretion and comfort level under the specific circumstances.  I when it comes down to a decision of what is best for the player and the type of injury sustained and  if further injury is a risk, that decision is made by a trainer.

Player parents have peace-of-mind knowing that our dedicated trainers attend every practise, special sessions, events and all games … in all kinds of weather.  The training staff come to games well prepared for any and all instances of injury and weather conditions.  The boys on the bus are well fed and hydrated when they travel to away games and trainers have also been superb chaperones as well.

The Ardrossan team motto has always been to respect our opponents and this applies to our training staff as well. Often our training and support staff have loaned their expertise, equipment and services by attending to needs of the members of opposing teams.

Team Trainers for 2019

Team Doctor

Dr. James Adams is a very well-known and respected Sherwood Park physician with a specialty interest in sports medicine.  Doc Adams has a large clientele of athletes from a variety of sports.   Doc Adams has also been on many-a-sports field as a volunteer in the interest of treating injuries and preventing further injuries to our athletes over many years in the County of Strathcona.  

We appreciate Dr. Adam’s efforts for our team players and, indeed, anyone on the field that suffers an injury.  It is a comfort to parents, coaches and players alike, that Dr. Adams is on the bench.  We know that we have the best physician on board and that our boys are safe.

Doc Adams Clinic Vision Statement:  This office strives to provide the best medical care possible to our patients, utilizing the gifts that God has given us. Our desire is to develop wholeness and minister healing to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our patients, knowing the  three are interrelated.

A huge Bison thank you to Dr. Adams!


We appreciate Dr. Adam’s efforts for our team players and, indeed, anyone on the field that suffers an injury.
THANK YOU for all you do!

                    In  loving memory of Bison Trainer
                               Mr.Terry Sokoluk


The Bisons are grateful to have such an experienced and dedicated staff of trainers.  Many hours of their time are sacrificed to looking after the health and safety of our players.  They are there at every practise and every game and Bison Football would not happen without them!



Registered Massage Therapist

Team Equipment Staff

Equipment Manager: Clint Byblow


We appreciate Clint’s efforts dedication and expertise and the great care he takes to keep our equipment in the best and safest condition.
THANK YOU for all you do!


We have the best waterboys who are always ready to dash onto the field to keep our players hydrated.  Thanks to these future Bisons for being on our sidelines

Team Water Boys

Water boys TBA

Lorraine Lueders, Jett Rose, Sue Carlson and Dayna McGeachy (Head Trainer)

There is no game without our “Safety Patrol”