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Provincial Tier IV Champions:
2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2015

Provincial Finalists:
1994, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013

Miles Division Champions:
1993, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2012

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53129 Range Rd 222

Ardrossan, AB
T8E 2M8

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Contact Information

Tel: 780-922-2228

Fax:  780-922-5757

Email: info@ardrossanbisons.com

Web: www.ardrossanbisons.com

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Our Experience

We are known as the “Little School that Could” due to our student population.  Our mascot is a Bison called “Ardy”.  Our goal is to maintain our positive school reputation and build a sports program that includes all types of athletic teams, in particular, a football program, an outdoor football facility and a sense of pride and community to rival all others.

Ardrossan Jr/Sr High School has a student population of less than 450 and is the only TIER IV school in the Edmonton Metro Football League, which has a large membership of teams.

For more detailed information about Ardrossan High School please visit our new school website.


Our Team has a Herd mentality…we work



We have achieved much since turning 50!  We are prouder than ever of our academic and athletic student body.

Ardrossan Administration

School P Number (780) 922-2228  

School F Number (780) 922-5757ris purus. Donec est nunc, ornare non, aliquet non, tempus vel, dolor. Integer sapien.

MJ Nam, Principal

Paul Schwartz,
Assistant Principal

Darby Hanson, Assistant Principal

We are 10 minutes East of Sherwood Park

53129 Range Road 222,
Ardrossan, AB

T8E 2M8

We have over 50 years experience in the education of young minds and the training of young athletes.  

Our students don’t just graduate they gravitate back to our school and community and continue to “give back”, giving credence to our motto “Once a Bison, Always a Bison”!

Our Football Team as Community Embassadors  

The Bison Football Team has been part of the school and community for more than 20 years. We are proud to represent the Ardrossan Jr/Sr High School, Community of Ardrossan and Strathcona County both on and off the field.  Our players lead by example and proudly represent our school wherever they travel.

Bison football extends beyond the September to November playing season and is an ongoing process of individual and team improvement. All players dedicate themselves in the off-season to participation in other sports and fitness activities in order to stay prepared for the upcoming exhibition, tournament, regular season and playoff games. Team members also give their time generously towards various fundraising projects throughout the year.

Our current 2019 roster will carry about 45 team members and consists of students who live in the Ardrossan area, the town of Ardrossan, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan.

The Ardrossan Bisons participate in the Ardrossan Annual Picnic and Parade as well as Ardrossan Recreational and Agricultural Societies (ARAS) activities.

Thanks for everything Coach Vic and special thanks to Lou Chemlyk for being the Bisons’s most loyal and verabl fan!

To celebrate 20 years of Bison Football, our field facilities were renamed in honor of founding faculty member, Mr. Vic Chemylk. The Ardrossan Bisons staff, players and parents wish to pay tribute to our former Principal for his steadfast dedication to this team and the sport of football.

“Build It and They Shall Come!”

By far the largest undertaking of our parent volunteers to date, has been the installation of our scoreboard and field lights. Thanks to Mrs. Tracy Ingram for her part in securing the U of A scoreboard!

Much credit goes to Mr. Scott Hutton for his shrewd bargain hunting expeditions, donation of materials and huge input of time for the labour intensive erection of the light standards, horizontal drilling under the field and installation of the power shed. Mr. Huttun convinced several subcontractors to help with the above.

A big thank you also goes to Mr. James Chick for his electrical expertise, re-building of the generator and supplying the power to run the lights and scoreboard.

AHS is one of only four football fields in the entire County to boast night lightsand what a difference it has made!

The parents association were also responsible for the procurement of a new locker room facility. Parents, players and the cheer team works tirelessly to rennovate and improve the locker room and trainer area into a functional and modern facility.

Other parents , the Hankinsons, built and installed a complete set of permanent bleachers at the 50 yard line. Behind the bleachers is a press box and viewing tower.  For tournaments and special events, their seating company provides mobile bleacher units to seat spectators.

A concession facility is planned for the near future.

Parents lending their resources and expertise makes the Bisons, the strong family community that it is.

Our Facilities


1990 - 2010

Our outdoor facilites were named in honour of former Principal and long-time coach, Vic Chemylk, for his steadfast dedication to football.


In the past and typically on an annual basis, the Ardrossan Bisons Spring Camp culminated in the Gridiron Tournament.  The Bisons played host to 12 or more teams from all over the province.  All teams, coaches, trainers, players and fans, benefit from the pre-season chance to compete, practise and share the experience in good camaraderie and sportsmanship.

In the last few years, the Bisons have chosen to travel and participate in tournaments hosted by other teams. With Coach Paul Schwartz back in charge, our Gridiron Tournament has returned as a Spring Jamboree.   

Bison Tournaments

                                  Photo courtesy of
Jarid Stovius