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2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2015

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1994, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013

Miles Division Champions:
1993, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2012

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It is not a right but a PRIVILEDGE and an HONOUR to be a Bison and to wear the blue, black and white team colours. Each player must be a team player and possess the "WE" ATTITUDE instead of the "ME" attitude.

Individual performance is secondary to TEAM PERFORMANCE!

Our team is based on PRIDE and HARD WORK.

Intensity and excitement are part of every practice and game. What we put into our practices is directly proportional to what we bring home from our games. We expect all players and coaches to be the best they can be during every practise session, on every play, in every exhibition, tournament, regular season or playoff game!

Bison players will be CONFIDENT in themselves and their efforts and TRUST each other and the football program.

We will play ONE GAME AT A TIME and prepare for ONE TEAM AT A TIME.

Each player will possess a mature and POSITIVE ATTITUDE and share the philosophy of WORKING TOGETHER.

RESPECT WILL BE SHOWN towards the game, the officials, opponents, teammates, coaching staff, trainers, parents and fans from both sides of the ball - IN VICTORY OR DEFEAT.

It's Been an Honour

As we step out the doors

And into the light

We're ready for battle

We get ready to fight.

On the bus we sit together

One effort...one team

We have worked hard for each other

On each other we lean.

There are those that have doubted us

They refuse to give us respect

After we play together today

They will have all winter to reflect.

The Ardrossan Bisons are for real

Today we will leave no doubt

We respect everyone, fear no one

That is what this season's about.

It has been an honour to lead you

I love this team more than you know

The time is here, finally

We have made it to the show.

As we sit on this bus

Mighty Bisons, side by side

I wanted to thank you all so much

It's been one hell of a ride!!

....................................................Paul Schwartz

....................................................Nov. 27, 2004
Read to the team before getting off the bus
to play the Sylvan Lake Lakers
for the Provincial Tier IV Championship Game
….and a Bison victory

Who We Are

FOCUS - Focus on the purpose and expected outcome of each and every play

HARD PLAY- Be as aggressive as the rules allow

HATE TO LOSE - It's not enough to want to win - you gotta hate to lose every play

TEAM PLAY - Work with and for each other

SMART PLAY - Be well prepared and execute according to the planplay

VISION - Dream in technicolour, set your goal on the                  championship win ...and nothing less

LEARN - Study the rules and techniques of play and be open to                  coaching advice

PLAN -  Know where you are going and make sure you have the                 skills and desire to get there

BELIEVE - Believe in yourself, your team and your dream

EFFORT - Hard work is rewarded by success

PASSION - Play for the love of the sport of football

Our Character Ed Program challenges all students, in particular our athletes, to build character based on the principles of respect, integrity, loyalty and commitment

“Respect Everyone, Fear No One”

We believe it is not the uniform but what's inside it that counts!  

Bisons players are not afraid to fall and always pick themselves up because they believe in the credo that

"The Most Important Play... is the Next One"

The Right to Win

5 Qualities that Make a Champion

6 Steps to a Championship

A Tribute from a Coach


Coach Paul Schwartz
2004 - 2019