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Ardrossan Bisons Football

Provincial Tier IV Champions:
2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2015

Provincial Finalists:
1994, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013

Miles Division Champions:
1993, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2012

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53129 Range Rd 222

Ardrossan, AB
T8E 2M8

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Contact Information

Tel: 780-922-2228

Fax:  780-922-5757

Email: info@ardrossanbisons.com

Web: www.ardrossanbisons.com

The Ardrossan Amature Football Parents Association:

President: Melanie Dole

Vice President: Diana Waters

Treasurer: Janice Brownlee

Secretary: Nicole Foss

Fundraising Coordinator: Sherry Byblow

Registrar: Dayna McGeachy

Directors at Large: Kerri Dei, Amanda Beckett and Randy Chamzuk

Equipment manager:  Clint Byblow

A.A.F.P.A. Executive 2019 - 2020

A Championship Team needs Championship Parents

Be one!

Get involved!

Parent Support...behind every athlete are supportive parent(s)

Parent support of our football team can take many forms….and all of them are welcome and greatly important to the well-being of our athletes as individuals and as a team.  

No role is too small!  

Some examples of how you can support your athlete and your team:

He's still my baby

Tho' at six foot three

It's been quite a while

Since he looked up at me

But I'm there every day

Come rain or shine

Watching him play

This "wee" boy of mine

We've sat for the x-rays

The bruised ribs and the knees

The separated shoulders and concussions

In various degrees

The cuts and the stitches

The ice and the pills

For this game of football and all of it's thrills

The friends that we've made

This kid and me

And what will we do

When the "game" sets us free?

And there's no more high school

And blue, black and white

The screaming of fans

On the Thursday game night!

He's still my baby

This great big young man

And I'm still

His number one fan

..........................................Tracy Ingram, Dec. 2004

A Football Parents Lament

Bylaws ….words to live by

These are the proposed bylaws of the AAFPA