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And the Crowd Roared

Cheer Team Coaches

Ardrossan Jr./Sr. High School Cheer Team has been promoting school spirit since the 1960's.  Although the membership and nature of the team has changed over the years, one thing remains the same: the cheer team supports the football team, school activities and are a very competitive team!  While not at every football game, when they do perform, they unit the fans and get the crowd to make some noise!

The AHS Cheer Team is a program aimed at teaching and developing leadership and social skills in young athletes. The team values responsibility and cooperation among its members and aims to improve their self-confidence through the performance aspect of cheerleading.

Today the AHS Cheer Team performs competitively using the skills developed on the football
field and regular practise sessions to win gold on the mat.

The quintessential promoters of school spirit and upholders of "Bison Pride", the Cheer Team proudly supports Ardrossan Athletics.


                             Supporting School Spirit Gold - 2007

                             Supporting School Spirit Silver - 2008

                             Supporting School Spirit Gold - 2009
                        Provincial Cheer Competitions 3rd place - 2016

Gold Medal- Provincial Championships - Junior  - 2018
Silver Medal - Provincial Championships - Senior - 2018

Many hours go into the preparation and planning of practice, game routines, fundraising efforts and the overall organization of the Team. The AHS Cheer Team is run on a 100% volunteer basis with all the Coaching Staff being ACA Certified and First Aid Trained.  

Many thanks go to our wonderful staff student advisor/bus driver extraordinaire, our head coach, assistant head coaches, parent volunteers and, in particular, our fans!  You give us something to cheer about!!

2018 Bison SPIRIT TEAM - Junior and Senior Squads

Our Cheer Team as Community Embassadors  

"Ardrossan cheerleaders were true leaders at Cheerfest'06"

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a cheerleading competition in Athabasca EPS Cheerfest 2006. We had 8 teams competing and 1 performing. I would like to congratulate the team from your community. Everyone present noticed the way your athletes handled themselves; the leadership that they displayed and how outgoing they were.

The coaching staff has to be commended, as it is the ability of the coaches that reflects through the team. The Ardrossan team is an exceptional team with huge potential.

Congratulations for your third place finish. It was a pleasure to have you in Athabasca. We look forward to seeing you again.

Barb Lachance,

EPS Cheerfest organizer

The Ardrossan Bisons Team

 is not Complete without it’s CHEERLEADERS!!

This year’s team will once again be a primarily competitive team but will also include some half-time performances at some of the Bison games.  The fans and football team will be glad to see them back!

Competition dates and times will also be posted here as soon as they are set.

Below are photos of the 2016 Bison Spirit Team which was a largely a competitive team.  This team was expanded to include both Junior and Senior High School members as cheerleading is a growing sport. To be a great cheerleader requires focus, practise and a high degree of athleticism, strength and gymnastic ability….not to mention sheer bravery.


Last year, their focus on competition was highly successful,
placing third at the Provincial Cheerleading Competitions”!!

2016 Bison SPIRIT TEAM


Congratulations girls on your third place finish.  We know it took many hours of practise and more than a few bumps and bruises to get there and your
never quit attitude.

Bravo Bison Spirit



3 rd



What is Cheerleading

“A cheerleader is not measured by the
height of her jumps but by the

Cheerleaders always have to ensure that they know how they are bringing a stunt down. The most commonly used method is called a cradle. From a prep, the bases push the top into the air and catch her in a v-sit position as she lands. A cradle is the easiest way to dismount any stunt, from the most basic to the most advanced. A cradle is also the only way to dismount from a basket toss. This stunt is advanced, and involves throwing the top up to 30 feet in the air.

As with any sport, cheerleading is governed by a provincial sporting body. The Alberta Cheerleading Association (ACA) makes rules about stunts to help ensure athlete safety. All teams though, share one specific rule when it comes to stunting. Your top never hits the ground, whether she is coming down in a perfect cradle, or is falling out of a new stunt. This rule, as well as a lot of practice helps teams form a close bond of trust in the gym that is never broken.


                             by Kendra Eliuk

Cheer - a combination of words generally 4 or more phrases combined with cheerleading skills, performed without music.

Chant - a few phrases that are repeated combined with cheerleading skills and intended for crowd participation. (The Alberta Cheerleading Association)

While the sport of cheerleading is made up of several different components, including cheers, chants and dance, by far the most exciting is stunting.

Stunting is what you see when one cheerleader is standing on top of another, or when someone is thrown in the air. The possibilities for stunts are endless and constantly changing as teams try to come up with new and innovative ways to wow their crowds. Stunting also differs between all-girl squads and co-ed teams.

One of the most basic stunts that every cheerleader will learn is a prep. This is also known as a pre, an elevator or a double base. In this stunt, two bases hold the top or flyer in their hands at shoulder level. In all stunts, a back spot is present to help stabilize the stunt. After mastering the basics, teams can begin to attempt more advanced stunts.                                                                                                             


Natassja Pietsch

Andrea Vanderveen

Katt Blackwell

Alex Wilson

Alida Chacana

Charlie Wilchynski

Cheyenne Flemming

Jamie Vanderveen

Jenna Cockerill

Juliet Stosky

Kathryn Kristensen

Madeline Pacurari

Lisa Fortier

Kiera Inksteri

Katie Bigelow

Mary Spark

Megan Campbell

Nayat Dukmak

Sierra Freeman

Taylor Smith

We welcome photo submissions by proud family and fans.  
Please submit to Head Coach


2018 Bison SPIRIT TEAM - January Practise - Working towards Vic Competition

2018 Bison Cheer Team - Provincial Championship Gold and Silver Medal Wins

Plenty to cheer about in Ardrossan

By Shane Jones, Sherwood Park News

Friday, April 27, 2018

The two Bisons teams both placed in the zone competitions and advanced through to the recent Provincial Championships in Lethbridge, competing in Division 1

Photos supplied

Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Cheer Teams!!

More photos of the Provincial Championships
to come

The Ardrossan Junior High Cheer Team captured the gold medal at the recent Provincial Cheering Championships in Lethbridge, Alberta